Meg Masten

Meg Masten joined CoPeace during its founding in May 2018, developing the role of Chief Relationship Officer. Meg brings a diverse background to the CoPeace leadership team, centered around serving people, solving problems, and achieving goals. Prior to joining CoPeace, Meg worked with Basketball Travelers, Inc., directly overseeing international sporting events and successful grant applications to provide student-athletes with travel opportunities. Previously, Meg practiced physical therapy for over 20 years, specializing in spinal cord injury and geriatric care. During her time as a health professional, Meg served hospitals, clinics, community outreach services, and home care. In addition, she extensively evaluated equity, socioeconomic factors, costs, and policy surrounding the public healthcare system. She founded Daisy Power, LLC, which provided workshops for moms and their young daughters, promoting self-esteem and positive body image, in addition to nutrition and fitness education. Meg is a lifelong advocate for public education and community growth. For the past decade, she dedicated her volunteer time to informing, engaging, and organizing the community around public education. Meg managed several campaigns for Colorado Board of Education and State House candidates and led a grassroots effort to research and expose national influences on local elections, which attempted to dismantle and privatize the local education system. Meg completed her undergraduate studies at Marquette University. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband and golden retriever. She is a proud mother of two.