Jacob Miller

Jacob is a recent graduate of Colorado College, where he completed an undergraduate degree in mathematical economics. Jacob brings an eclectic skillset and a diverse array of leadership, research, and service experience to CoPeace. As an undergraduate in Colorado Springs, Jacob developed research interests in economics, public health, and data science. Over two years, Jacob had four articles published in peer-reviewed research journals. He worked as a lead research assistant and a learning assistant for the Economics & Business Department. He served as president of the Colorado College Student Alumni Association. While at CC, Jacob also dedicated time to community service, serving as a peer tutor and volunteering with the Disabilities Awareness Group. As a member of the men’s basketball team, he served as chair of the community outreach committee on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. He also represented the greater student body on the college’s President’s Council. When he’s not crunching numbers, Jacob can likely be found debating Lord of the Rings, playing Rocket League, or baking bread and pastries.