Craig Jonas, Ph.D.

Dr. Craig Jonas is a lifelong entrepreneur with success across business, academic, and athletic industries. Craig has over 30 years of experience in management with a passion for team-building and drawing individuals with big ideas together. Craig founded CoPeace in 2018 after serving as COO of Basketball Travelers and BTI Events, an elite sports event management and media conglomerate, for over 20 years. In his role, Craig supervised international sporting events and tours worldwide. He served as the head or deputy head of the American delegation for the Summer and Winter World University Games from 2007-17. Craig has always had a passion for bringing true impact to global sport, supporting the idea that sports can bring cultures and people closer together. He was one of the first American coaches to travel to South Africa post-apartheid to host basketball clinics for local youth. Craig also represented the United States at the International Olympic Academy in Greece after earning national basketball “Coach of the Year'' honors. Previously, Craig served as vice president for business development for the broadcast media technology firm, Sportvision, best known for bringing revolutionary visual enhancements to live sports broadcasts, including American football’s yellow first-down line and baseball’s strike zone. Prior to Sportvision, Craig served as the executive vice president of Coach’s Edge and helped initiate its $100-million merger with Sportvision. Craig earned his doctorate in conflict management from the University of Kansas, where he also taught leadership, marketing, and management courses to undergraduate and masters students. As an undergraduate student, Craig attended Carleton College in Minnesota, and went on to complete his graduate degree at Colorado State University. Craig is a father of two sons. He lives with his wife, Seanna, and dog, Fergus, in Colorado.