CoPeace –  An Impact Investing Holding Company

Creating inclusive, socially impactful wealth for all people

What is impact investing?

An approach to investing in companies with a core mission to make a positive impact & to address social and environmental problems in the world.


How does investing at CoPeace work?

As a holding company, we’re an umbrella that holds stock in the companies we invest in. When you invest in CoPeace, your funds provide long-term support to our holdings for economic growth.


What Our Investors Are Saying

Our Portfolio

We select the companies in our portfolio using the HEAD + HEART + MATH approach.

Head — Identify potential companies with innovative, marketable concepts & strong leadership team

Heart — Target companies combating world problems with measurable impact

Math — Critically analyze all potential partners through a series of economic models & financial projections, focused on identifying positive growth and potential target returns


Want to make a difference in the world & earn financial returns?

Profits and positive impact are not mutually exclusive. 

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Show your commitment to making a positive impact

Investments starting at $360

Grow Your Money For Good 


To invest, click the button above and you’ll be sent to our investment platform, WeFunder. You can pay using a bank transfer, check, credit card, or wire transfer. If you’d prefer, you can invest with an IRA on Wefunder through an Alto IRA account.  You can register here:

CoPeace is a Public Benefit Corporation & Certified B Corporation

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