What do we do?

We direct your money toward helping profitable, positive-impact companies grow and succeed. We are a holding company, meaning we use investor money to help multiple growing companies with funding and expertise in marketing, operations, and finance, to achieve their goals.

This “holding company” model isn’t new, but we’re doing it in a new and improved way. At CoPeace, anyone – not just wealthy investors – can invest directly in these growing companies. We provide an opportunity for everyday people from all income levels to invest directly in private, growing companies.

We believe people and planet are just as important as profit. That’s where our model is different. Every single company we work with is actively trying to solve an environmental or social problem in the world – sustainable energy, accessible healthcare, waste management, and more.

When you invest with CoPeace, you know we are working to grow your money for good.

What is impact investing?

Impact investing is investing in companies that have a core mission to address social and environmental problems in the world. It falls under the umbrella of sustainable investing, which includes all forms of investing that are meant to be less harmful to people and planet. Impact investing is the extreme version of this, where positive impact is valued as importantly as profit.

Our Investors

How do you choose the companies in your portfolio?

Our selection process is rigorous. We accept fewer than 2% of all the companies we evaluate, because we want to be sure every single one is the right fit.

All CoPeace companies must meet our HEAD + HEART + MATH model.

Head – Identify potential companies with innovative, marketable concepts and strong leadership team
Heart – Target companies combating world problems with measurable impact
Math – Critically analyze all potential targets through a series of economic models and financial projections focused on identifying positive growth and potential target returns

How do I invest?

We are getting ready to launch our direct public offering under Regulation A later this year, so anyone will be able to invest then. We’ve raised capital from our private network of investors and when we are ready, there will be investment opportunities for the general public.

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